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2013 Predictions

October 21, 2012

Psychic Cheryl Lynn gives her 2013 Predictions and Horoscopes for all signs. For your own personal reading please visit Cheryl’s website @ www.whiterose-productions.com or call her at 484-221-9620.

The popular “Psychic Twins” Terry and Linda samisen recently gave an almost hour long interview on the Beyond the Gate Radio podcast outlining their 2012 Psychic Predictions.

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  1. sebas1494 says:

    where did u hear this , share a link :)

  2. WelcomeToMyLife08 says:

    Part of the Mayan belief revolving around Dec. 21, 2012 is that their Sun God will return to the Earth.

  3. Wide2012Awake says:

    Apr 20, 2012: Riot erupts in Montreal between police and protesters

  4. Wide2012Awake says:

    I’m intuitive and for decades I have had a sense that something big will
    happen towards the later part of 2013 (December). I feel it is a good thing.
    I have the sense of something, or someone returning. Any ideas?

  5. AgothInnCloth says:

    Why they are talking about obuma like hes trying to save the usa when hes doing everything to destroy it i dont know also i do know he is just a puppet the real monsters work in the shadows and tell him what to say and do.

  6. 216erin says:

    they did in another interview. they said romney will win.

  7. krazygurlize says:

    can somebody just give me the highlights? I don’t feel like hearing this for 40+ minutes.

  8. lordmoy666 says:

    Do they have a twitter account?

  9. cromeaxe says:


  10. RaelDanger says:

    I wonder if the plot in that they predicted here in the uk is to do with the olympics I have been feeling uneasy about the olympic games

  11. kthnxby says:

    You were not listening, It is not the end of the world, but more of an ending on how we do things. kind of out with the old in with the new.

  12. cntrymscfan08 says:

    I”m scared. End of life as we know it.

  13. telepathia says:

    So true! Well said.. these women have real courage to go public with their controversial predictions year after year. Theirs is an amazing gift from God :)

  14. DontBeAFreak0K says:

    Kinda hard to believe ppl who are obsessed with talking about how right they’re

  15. karinuhthuqq says:

    im a huge lynda and terry follower,fan and believer!its jus sad how not many ppl are….they need way more views and theyre own tv show…cant wait for their new book #pshychictwins4ever

  16. NDAclick1 says:

    worst year of my life sign shaun jones

  17. luv4parrots says:

    Love these ladies! Bringing people to the light is a thankless job and that is what makes them so special. Scoff if you will, or open your eyes. It’s your choice. Blessings to all!

  18. ILoveMoney83676 says:

    I hate Iran they’re destroying europe by immigrating too.

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