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World War 3 Predictions 2012 the end of the world

November 27, 2011
Nostradamus predictions
by avyavy

Article by Shanthi Kapur

After two after the loss of life, after much destruction and mass murder, I’m sure nobody wants a third war. But some people have had a third war, horrible and deadly, almost predicted hundreds of thousands of years. Some of the things the prophets as Nostradamus had predicted came true, so that most people believe that the predictions were made, could be achieved. There was even a forecast that the 2012 the end of the world will be in 2000 but it never happenedWhile fear may be, many people are interested to know what are the three predictions , what the future holds, etc. Some important predictions were made. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

3 predictions: Revealed

Many viewers around the world, hundreds of thousands of years, or even years earlier had predicted that during 2011 and 2012 will be a great war with many countries, and this could cause the end of the world. All people are wondering about 2012 the end of the world It has been predicted many things that all of the third world war. Let us see for ourselves what are the predictions.

World War 3 Nostradamus predictionsNostradamus, the seer, the greatest of all time, had several things foretold thousands of years and some of them have been fulfilled. Some researchers say it also says a third world war. In his quatrains, speaking of III predictions of 2010, he wrote (and only the translation of what he had predicted), there is a war between the United States and Western Europe and in Europe, which have a significant economic loss. Is the 2012 the end of the world really existsWorld War III is scheduled to begin in November and said it could be a conflict between England and France. Nostradamus quatrains also stated that “the sky at 45 degree burns. Fire on New York.” The breadth of New York is about 45 degrees and the heat, the nuclear explosion. 2012 2012 the end of the world Or New Age BeginningThese are some of the predictions of Nostradamus on World War 3 ‘S look at some of the other three predictions World War II.

Other forecastsThe year 2011 will be a disaster from the Middle East and the Muslim countries of North Africa is a struggle between extremists and moderates and the former will win. The leaders of Iran and Iraq are in control of the Muslim nations. As per experts there is some home work to save mankind from 2012 the end of the worldThat same year, militants attacked the city of New York, probably with a nuclear bomb, even if the city is not completely destroyed, the effect will be bad for the city. This is the starting point of the Third World War.

Second, these nations are moving in Europe, perhaps later this year or early 2012, and the Pope will be arrested and locked up somewhere in Iraq. Rome and the Vatican will be captured and destroyed. People are starting to worry about the 2012 the end of the world in 2012The following year, when the Allies to take Rome, the war is taking a different path, but not for long as Muslim countries takes over from Rome. This war should continue until 2019 and until then the Arab countries will continue with nuclear weapons. Capture all of Europe, but not to go beyond of Africa Ecuador. All are wondering that 2012 the end of the world in on December 2012 or notThe Koran, which we know is the Islamic holy book says that after 2000, a total destruction of the Muslim countries and even the Bible says, or rather, requires that the Vatican to end after 2000.

World War 3 Predictions also show that the death toll even higher than the first and second world war World War II combined. Nearly a third of the population will die and the rest will suffer greatly. There are similar scenarios for the 2012 the end of the worldAccording to the predictions of the Third World War, India and China will not be in this war, then, when almost every country is destroyed, both countries will be safe. The forecasts also show that this war will end the development of science and when (and if) the fourth world war is made, people will fight with trees and branches, etc. As per predictions something wrong can happen on 2012 the end of the world day

These gloomy predictions World War Three forget to send a shiver down the spine, the war and loves death and destruction? Who knows, these forecasts can never be true or false. Instead of caring for themselves and all wars, just live life, you’re the leader. This is not the first time prediction of 2012 the end of the world but some experts are predicted before too.What will come will come. We will all face together, if we, if they all occur together.

Shanthi Kapur is a writer on Mayan calendar end of the world 2012 topics

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