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WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 – CM Punk vs. Ryback WWE Title Full Match Prediction

October 29, 2012

Featuring: CM Punk vs. Ryback For the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in a Hell in a Cell Championship Full Match Prediction. ===Awesome Sauce=== WWE PLAYLIST ( NEWS, REVIEWS, PREDICTIONS AND MORE): www.youtube.com TWITTER: www.twitter.com SUBSCRIBE: www.youtube.com CHANNEL: www.youtube.com…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

UFC 153: Anderson Silva Vs Stephan Bonnar Predictions. MAIN CARD. Surfer Ken's MMA Vlog #141

Back to Rio baby. My picks for the Main Card of UFC 152: Andy vs Teh American Psycho. As always leave a comment with your thoughts on the card ;) All video responses welcome! Shakas, Surfer Ken Follow me on twitter (i tweet all the fights :) twitter.com WATCH THESE TOO: UFC on FX 5: Struve vs Micoic Preview: www.youtube.com UFC 152: MAIN CARD PREDICTIONS: www.youtube.com UFC 151 Predictions: www.youtube.com Strikeforce Rousey vs Kaufman Preview: www.youtube.com UFC 150: Bendo vs Edgar 2 Preview: www.youtube.com UFC on Fox 4 Shogun vs Vera Recap: www.youtube.com UPDATES: My Picks: Spider Silva – UD 30-26/possible TKO punches Big Nog – TKO submission 1st Glover Teixeira – TKO submission late 2nd/3rd Jon Fitch – UD Demian Maia – TKO submission 1st/2nd Phil Davis – TKO submission 2nd/possible UD Rony Mariano Bezerra – TKO submission 1st Diego Brandao – TKO punches 1st Gleison Tibau – UD Sergio Moraes – TKO submission 2nd Luiz Cané – UD Reza Madadi – UD Official fight card Light Heavyweight 3 Round Bout: Brazil Anderson The Spider Silva vs United States Stephan American Psycho Bonnar Antônio Rodrigo Big Nog Minotauro Nogueira vs United States Dave Pee Wee Herman Glover Teixeira vs Fabio Maldonado United States Jon Fitch vs Erick Índio Silva United States Phil Mr. Wonderful Davis vs Wagner Caldeirão Prado Demian Maia vs United States Rick The Horror Story Preliminary Card (FX) Rony Jason Mariano Bezerra vs United States Sam Sicilia Gleison Tibau vs Francisco Massaranduba

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  1. BBTHEORY123 says:

    I think that brock will come but he will help RYBACK not punk becuz he want heyman for himself then john cena will help punk against RYBACK and brock sorry caps

  2. ghghcfne says:


  3. joek4475 says:

    Cm punk will win but by another superstar helping him. Ryback will crush punk for most of the match and then just when ryback seems like he is going to win someone will help punk possibly lesnar

  4. seok song says:

    Can you pls get back to skylanders giants I don’t won’t to watch from someone else

  5. Blitzwinger says:

    It is definitely new and refreshing

  6. Blitzwinger says:

    I think he might but if I was a betting man I would say CM Punk walks out as WWE champion

  7. Blitzwinger says:

    Check Channel for all the others

  8. jason cochico says:

    Blitz do you think that Ryback will win

  9. Hernan Cares says:


  10. geovanny vargas says:

    Puto marica

  11. foussekiselias says:

    @tmagdcr That’s true, it was very easy to find. I just watched it here: bit.ly/Rxt2As?=qhhrffo
    Man its such a good head to head, a lot better than I thought it would be! Gotta see it!

  12. AndreRWright says:

    @tmagdcr That’s true, it was very easy to find. I just watched it here: bit.ly/Rxt2As?=qhhrffo
    Man its such a good head to head, a lot better than I thought it would be! Gotta see it!

  13. SurferKenTV3 says:

    Thx dawg. Happy Halloween man.

  14. Desieh says:

    Silva will choke him out or arm bar or any bar..

  15. SurferKenTV3 says:

    u have me confused with somebody that gives a shit lol. did ya get the ‘TKO” thing straightened out?

  16. ToddWentworth says:

    Surfer Ken… still in the lead! heh. keep it krispy amigo.


  17. Daniel Johnson says:

    Anderson silva defeated Stephan Bonnar TKO 1st round( Black man dominates rocky)LOL.

  18. blazernhan says:

    y do u call stefan struve and stephan bonnar “stefawn”? its pronounced like “stefin”

  19. SurferKenTV3 says:

    Thx Evan. yeah i hear ya braddah, been climbing up the slippery slope that’s mma right now as well. get’s weary and these events are bordering ridiculous. Why push this fight? it’s such a mismatch that it’s not even funny. The money is there but besides that, it’s like you said, a wasted fight. peace out bro. enjoy the fights or football lol

  20. HBomb3712 says:

    I don’t understand why the UFC couldn’t reschedule the fights on this card, like they did for UFC 151, instead of making fans pay $45 for this card primarily the main event, cause I do think there is 3-4 fights on this card that are really interesting bouts. I just think it would’ve made more sense to wait till December or January for Anderson Silva to fight someone like Chris Weidman, Tim Boetsch or Michael Bisping. Anyway sorry for rambling man, awesome video and breakdown’s dude!.

  21. HBomb3712 says:

    I think this fight is such a joke dude, it’s fight’s like these that have made me lose a ton of interest and love that I had for MMA this year. I respect Stephan Bonnar but, this is such a waste of a fight in my opinion for Anderson Silva. I don’t understand why the UFC canceled a whole event in UFC 151, because of 1 fighter being injured…yet this fight has lost 3-4 marquee fight’s because of injuries and they put together a bogus main event to “save” the event.

  22. VonVlogs says:

    I like and respect AS but I sooo want Bonnar to win. Should be a good show. Hope you’re well Ken. :)

  23. VonVlogs says:

    You making comment or just telling us what people say to you daily?! Tell your daddy to take you to the woodshed either way.

  24. ragdoll787154 says:

    he’s right about fitch’s wrestling being to much for Silva but let me just tell u something.. every single time a star is raising in d UFC they always get to d top & ive been watching D UFC for 7 years jones aldo silva barao Gsp Cruz Edgar Dos Santos u name it.. it never fails. Erick Silva will beat Fitch…

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